Stiebel QuarryMaster® HighPower drive units

Quite simply, we get things moving.

QuarryMaster® drive units consist of the gear box, coupling and a B3-IEC motor in tapped foot and further optionals such as brake. The individual elements are installed to a bracket (welded steel construction).
The coupling – optionals as a flexible coupling or as a fluid coupling.

In conjunction with the powerful motor (from 18.5 to 750 KW), the drive units are intended for moderate to heavy loads.

The Highlights of Stiebel QuarryMaster® HighPower drive units :

  • Designed and manufactured at our company
  • Diverse variants
  • Additional equipment options
  • Innovative lubrication system integrated in housing
  • Constant oil flow to bearing points
  • Lubricated within an oil bath
  • High life expectancy of bearings
  • Service-friendly due to horizontally divided housing