Selection and qualification process

As a globally operating company, we see the strengthening of our competitiveness as a permanent challenge. The selection of qualified suppliers is an integral part of our strategic purchasing alignment concept.

The following are minimum requirements for co-operation.

What Stiebel expects from its future partners:

  • Certified in management systems like quality, safety and environment
  • Maintaining minimum requirements for defined qualities of products and services
  • Accepting global competitiveness, whereby the cost of the entire value-added process is in the foreground
  • Providing a high level of technical expertise and the willingness to find joint solutions
  • Dealing with complaints from our joint customers immediately and using these complaints as an opportunity to improve specific processes
  • Having modern communication equipment
  • Willing to agree with us on logistical issues and delivery instruments such as JIT and practice Kanban
  • Reliable, trustworthy, observing agreements and treating as confidential all relevant information and data
  • Good communication skills
  • Having a high sense of environmental and social responsibility

  • Accepting our terms and condition of purchase and quality agreements

In return, Stiebel offers the following:

  • Open and fair co-operation
  • Long-term strategic supplier partnerships with an expandable purchasing volume
  • Reliability with regard to contracts, agreements, deadlines and payments
  • Honouring supplier services according to the motto: The better the joint result, the more intensive and lasting the co-operation
  • Challenging and promoting in order to strengthen competitiveness for the benefit of both partners