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Purchasing philosophy

The success of Stiebel is largely dependent upon customer satisfaction. Our customers are the central element of our activities and form the framework for the entire value chain.


Quality is complying with the agreed requirements of our customers and is important for the entire supply chain. Everyone, including our suppliers, is responsible for complying with these requirements.

Quality assurance is based on the principles of a "zero defect strategy" and continuous improvement.


Our suppliers are integrated into the value chain and adopted as partners. In addition to high professional expertise and technical market leadership, our suppliers have the following attributes:

  • Cost responsibility

  • Our suppliers are fully aware of their own as well as the mutual competitive situation globally. Cost reduction potentials are therefore systematically exploited on a constant basis.

  • Adherence to schedules

  • A continuous logistical system ensures complete delivery. High flexibility and reliability ensure prompt delivery to meet specific demand situations

  • Environmental responsibility

  • Our partners have a high sense of social and ecological responsibility. Environmental requirements are complied with. Resources are used economically.

  • Co-operation

  • We confront growing market challenges with constant improvement in co-operation with our partners. The involvement of our suppliers in our products is an integral part of the process. Exceptional service is therefore a vital factor.