Highly adaptable for heavy-duty applications

02.08.2016 | News

Our type 4660 special pump drive – a powerful performer when conditions get tough

Technical refinements come to the fore in particular when dealing with the tough challenges posed by harsh operating conditions. Mobile shredders, which hack wood into chips, require a high performance drive. The DOPPSTADT DH 910 SA precision chipper is therefore fitted with the STIEBEL type 4660 special pump drive (Pmax = 565 kW, Tmax = 3,300 Nm and n1max = 2,000 RPM) which ensures an efficient and reliable drive from the diesel engine. Our pump drive integrates perfectly with the compact concept of the mobile chipper with its height of 1,020 mm, width of 750 mm and weight of around 460 kg. Mounted on a three-axle semitrailer chassis, it is capable of chipping tree trunks of up to 900 mm in diameter during continuous industrial operation.

Robust answer to tough requirements
For the immense stresses caused by such heavy-duty applications, the drive must exhibit high levels of quality and strength. We place special emphasis on this. The drive housing is of split design and is made of nodular cast iron which exhibits tremendous tensile strength thanks to its high ductility. This ensures a high degree of operational availability. Furthermore, an integrated lubricating oil pump delivers reliable operation even when the unit is standing on steep slopes, e.g. in the field.

Flexible drive for various models
So that different chipper models/sizes can benefit from the advantages of our special pump drive, we provide this driving force in a range of variants:
- Transmission ratio ranges up to i=0.6 possible
- Optional engine-side pump installation
- Can be powered by various diesel engines (SAE flange adaptor) and highly flexible couplings or fluid couplings can be attached to the driveshaft
- Driveshafts or various pulleys can be adapted for direct drive mode: the high radial forces caused by the belt drive are absorbed by special outboard bearings
- Hydraulic units in SAE sizes B-E can be installed in various combinations at the 4 pump drives using adapter kits
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