New more flexible pump drive: strong and smart for crushing

11.05.2017 | News

Especially in mining and open cast mining operations, hybrid through to fully electric drive solutions make mobile hydraulic applications economically and ecologically sustainable. With our new and powerful pump drive type 4395 we have developed the requisite energy efficient technology for mobile diesel-electric hybrid crushers that delivers high performance operation, yet simultaneously ensures a reduction in emissions.


For sustainable mobile hydraulics

Our new Stiebel pump drive is part of a modular motor/transmission unit and has been specially developed for the field of crushing. Thanks to the very large spacing between the inline power take-off shafts, facilitated using offset intermediate shafts, it is possible to attach large motor components up to SAE-0 in direct and through-drive mode. Simultaneously, hydraulic units up to SAE-E can be driven on both sides of the output driveshafts. Further technical details: input power of max. 940 HP (700 kW), output power per pump shaft of 480 HP (360 kW) and ratios of between 1.0 and 0.67.


Reduced emissions for more efficient operation

Climate-friendly operation is ensured by drive modi which can be selected in accordance with the specific requirements. The diesel engine and transmission operate with an extra high level of power in the first mode, for instance when crushing hard stone. The auxiliary hydraulic equipment and a generator are supplied in parallel. The generator charges the energy storage unit which in turn supplies power to the electric motor in the second drive mode. In this mode, the diesel engine is decoupled from the transmission and the drive is provided by the electric motor on the through-drive side. The benefits: no emissions are created during electric operation, greater efficiency is achieved and less waste heat is produced. A further option for a third drive mode can be realized if a hydraulic drive motor is fitted to the power take offs. Furthermore, our pump drive type 4395 offers many further drive options that have already been proven many hundreds of times during practical operations across a range of different industries.


Versatile electric solutions for mobile hydraulic applications

Designed for the appropriate hydraulic power requirements, we offer additional transmissions that facilitate the direct mounting of an electric motor without a clutch being necessary in-between. Due to the lack of exhaust gas emissions and significant weight reductions, these transmissions offer a particularly powerful solution for all deep-shaft mining, tunnel construction and offshore applications.


We are continuously working to develop new solutions which further improve the technology of advanced hybrid to fully electric drive concepts.


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