Newly developed smarter drive for construction and agricultural machinery

21.03.2016 | News

Newly developed smarter drive for construction and agricultural machinery.

Sustainable and energy-efficient drive solutions are more in demand than ever before. In order to achieve an advanced combination of climate-friendly operation and reduced fuel consumption with high performance, we have now developed a Stiebel pump drive that has been individually matched for use with mobile hydraulic systems. In construction machinery and agricultural vehicles it delivers impressive benefits as a dynamic connecting element between the combustion engine and the hydraulic/electrical systems.

Energy-saving and powerful
Our new drive is the central component of a newly developed modular engine-transmission unit. In this application it offers a maximum input power of 520 kW, a power take-off output of 200 kW at each axle and a power take-off/engine speed ratio of 0,8:1.

With this diesel/electric solution both the diesel engine and the transmission are used in normal operating mode. These drive the auxiliary hydraulic consumers and a generator that charges an energy storage system. Braking energy can also be harnessed with the help of the powershift pump take-off at the pump drive. This energy is converted into electrical energy by the generator and stored in the energy storage system.

Particularly efficient and climate-friendly vehicle operation is facilitated by returning the energy stored in the energy storage system to the drive train when the auxiliary consumers are turned off. This allows the hybrid diesel-electric power generation system to achieve maximum efficiency while increasing traction and reducing operating costs.

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