Path breaking pump drive for aircraft tow vehicle „TaxiBot“

18.02.2015 | News

Our light weight TLD 4588 pump drive the driving force on Frankfurt airport

The new powerful, noise reducing and environment preserving aircraft tow vehicle is being tested at Frankfurt airport. „TaxiBots” are designed for towing large aircrafts of up to 120tons from gate to runway.
The benefits: Pilots are able to steer the newly engineered tow vehicles directly from the cockpit leaving the jet engines switched off. That saves more than 700kg of kerosene.

Stiebel’s market leading know-how in pump drive engineering was required in order to ensure extraordinary efficiency as well as enhanced sustainability. The 950bhp hybrid system (consisting of 2 diesel engines and 2 current generators) accelerates the “TaxiBot” up to 42km/h.

Light weight, optimal heat transfer, easy service
The specially designed state-of-the-art TLD 4588 pump drive with two outputs made by Stiebel Getriebebau allows the Taxibot engine to deliver its utmost performance of 700kW.

The aluminum housing with its large surface as well as the SAE-housing with its ventilation holes allow for an increased heat transfer. An especially light construction of the housing out of one piece adds to a further weight reduction of the “TaxiBot”. The pump drive is equipped with a service access to reduce service times.

The Stiebel pump drive can be customized in many ways, e.g. adjusted ratios or a special lubrication system with a horizontal immersion pipe in the oil sump.

We are looking forward to the new aircraft tow vehicles with reduced noise and CO² emissions on international airports as proven in the tests on Frankfurt airport.
In the mean time we are taking on the next technical challenges.