Ready to go: new summation gearbox for electric buses and mobile machines

11.11.2016 | News

More energy efficiency and lowering of emissions make electric mobility more important. Our new developed summation gearbox type 4669 is a powerful solution that provide for climate-friendly and economical electric mobility in all-electric buses as well as in sustainable commercial vehicles and mobile engines.

Smooth and reliable

The implementation of a current project for city buses developed the new gearbox solution. The compact summation gearbox type 4669 allows a directly adaption of two integrated electric motors. The precise production of power transmission components, the massive block housing as well as the increased gearing quality and the assembly production guarantee operational reliability and running smoothness.

Efficient and highly adaptable

The ratios are i = 3.05 (for the 18 m long bus) and i = 2.29 (for the 12 m long bus). With a weight of around 132 kg and a compact size of 620 mm width, 355 mm height and 260 mm depth, the gearbox provides an ideal space utilization. The power transfer to the driving axle of the electric vehicle is given by coupling of the drive line with the differential at the driving axle and the cardan flange (Ø 150 mm) at the gearbox output. The maximum total torque at the output is T2max = 3,700 Nm.

Our Stiebel summation gearbox is developed especially for medium and heavy electric vehicles. We are already working on solutions for other applications, such as for mobile engines. Would you like to know more about this pump drive solution? Do not hesitate to contact us.