Road sweeper with only one engine in action with efficient power

17.11.2015 | News

Our mechanical and hydrostatic Stiebel intermediate gearboxes now facilitate a cost effective and flexible drive.

Ultimately, dynamics is what is demanded when road sweepers ensure cleanliness day in and day out. At the same time of course their high performance should be brought to the road economically. Where up to now two drive motors were needed for driving and cleaning, the vehicle is now on the road with improved efficiency with only one diesel engine. At Stiebel, we developed a special Type 4664 intermediate gearbox for that purpose. That allows road sweepers to switch between the mechanical drive unit and the hydrostatic operating mode. The higher efficiency drive ensures less weight, lower fuel consumption, lower emissions and reduced overall costs.

Mechanical drive unit for the road
The road sweeper moves quickly to the next location at a speedy 80 km/h. To do that, the intermediate gearbox is switched to through drive. This transfers the power / rotational speed of the diesel engine or driving gear to the vehicle's drive shaft.

Sweep mode with ideal rotational speed in the hydrostatic operating mode
As soon as the driver switches the operating position of the transmission to “Distribution”, sweeping can start. The driving gear is now in the idle position. A hydraulic motor that is attached directly to the intermediate gearbox then provides the drive. It is supplied by a pump unit on the diesel engine’s power take off. At the same time, the compact, two-step reduction ratio in the intermediate gearbox (possible to 14.6:1) ensures the rotational speed reduction. An ideal rotational speed range of the diesel engine achieves the required operating speed for the sweeping mode of up to 10 km/h.

Optimization also for other municipal vehicles
With this new drive flexibility, road sweepers weighing up to 12 tons are being versatilely used in their assigned tasks. And not just them. The benefits of our Stiebel intermediate gearbox can be used for additional municipal vehicles that require speed reduction for the operating mode.